Take Advantage of Employer Sponsored Enrichment Opportunities


I spent the past 4 days at a work conference soaking up a ton of information to tske back to my colleagues with plans for future strategic growth. Although this particular conference was mandated and with a direct impact on my job, it got me thinking about what I’ve learned about employer sponsored trainings…

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Now that I’ve put that out there, let me follow up with this – be strategic in what you take advantage of. Employer sponsored training opportunities are time, labor, and mentally intensive periods of time. They are designed to be that way. Remember, someone had to present and prove to upper leadership that time spent away from your duties would be cost-effective and result in a positive impact on both your role and the organization.

Be strategic in your selections. 

Participate in trainings that you will benefit from either professionally, personally, or both. Don’t sign up for every training, educational, or leadership opportunity that is available – that wouldn’t make sense. Pick ones that challenge you as a subject matter expert, as a supervisor, as an emerging leader, or that teach you something you would like to know more about.

Two of the most effective trainings I participated in were:

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Servant Leadership

They challenged me to change the way I think. They challenged me to consider if I was completing tasks in the most efficient and effective manner. They challenged me to question if my leadership style was meeting the needs of my staff and my organization. Opportunities such as these are designed to have a long-term impact on strategic planning.

Tips for choosing that opportunity to participate in:

  1. Think about the topics/strategies/skills being presented. How will they impact you? How will they impact your organization?
  2. Think about your role in your organization. What purpose does your role serve? What long-term impact does your role have on the organizational mission?
  3. Ask others for input. Reach out to colleagues in similar roles, or have participated in the training previously. Was it beneficial to their career? Would they recommend it?

Be strategic in your decisions to maximize the benefit of employer sponsored training opportunities.

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