10 Tips For Acing A Job Interview

So you wrote a great resume and landed a job interview, congrats! Now what? Now it’s prep time to sell yourself in the interview and show your potential future boss why are exactly what their company is looking for.

10 Tips for Acing A Job Interview

  1. Research the organization
    1. Know the company so you can ask thoughtful questions about its mission, goals, culture, etc
  2. Make sure you ask questions either throughout or at the end of the interview
    1. As a hiring official, if I ask someone if they have questions and they say they do not, I wonder what their investment in the job is
  3. Take a notepad and pen with you
    1. Write down questions as they ask them. This is especially helpful if they ask multi-part questions so you can ensure you answer all parts of it
    2. Take notes on what the job entails and what is expected of you in that role
    3. Write down questions as you think of them so you can ask them when the opportunity arises
  4. Dress professionally
    1. No jeans!
    2. Dress to impress (check back soon for a separate post on tips for dressing the part)
  5. Be early
  6. Be courteous to the secretary or whoever else you speak to before the interview
    1. You are being graded by everyone
    2. Most managers trust the opinions of their secretaries because they see things as they really are
  7. Watch your body language before and during the interview
    1. If you sit in my chair like you are at home on your couch, I’ll take note
  8. Research interview questions ahead of time so you can be prepared for what they ask (check back soon for a separate post on sample interview questions)
  9. Come prepared with solid, concrete examples
    1. One example may provide a solid answer to two or three questions. This is OK, but still be sure to vary your responses
  10. Sell yourself! The interview is the time to show your prospective employer what you are made of