10 Tips For Building A Great Resume

My friend Ashley over at Ashley Clark, Professional Writing Services provided the following 10 tips for building a great resume .(If you need help from a professional, contact her and mentioned The Gypsy Professional for a discounted rate!)


How To Build A Great Resume

  1. Make a list of what you do daily, weekly, monthly and go from there
  2. Think “bigger picture” of what your job is. Instead of “filter spreadsheets”, think “compile statistical data”
  3. Any time you can use concrete figures- do so! Examples include “increased sales by 10% annually”, “decreased costs by 3% during first quarter”, “responsible for the recruitment of 10 new advertising partners within 6 months of hire”
  4. Write clearly & concisely without company specific jargon. Industry specific jargon may be OK if you are staying within the same industry
  5. Include only pertinent info. Not every day of your day should be put on paper
  6. Limit the length. A good rule of thumb is 10 years of experience per page. Recruiters don’t want to read a 5 page resume. There are very few exceptions to this, but a federal resume is one of them
  7. Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck! Also, walk away for a bit then come back and review it or have a different set of eyes review it for grammatical and spelling errors
  8. Create an easy to read resume format. Unless you are a graphic designer, your resume should not be a work of art. The recruitment software companies use does not support designs and it will alter your format, making your resume illegible
  9. Use a professional looking font – no comic sans!
  10. Be honest! if you lie on your resume and land an interview, your future employer will be able to tell. Hiring officials are experienced in interviewing and can easily spot discrepancies between what’s on paper and what is delivered verbally

Remember: a resume is intended to get you noticed by a recruiter, the next step is to sell yourself in the interview. Check out my post 10 Tips For Acing A Job Interview